Medical Marijuana Delivery in San Francisco
In accordance with California Health and Safety code 11357.5 and SB 420.
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Please Call Tom to schedule a delivery in San Francisco @ 415-505-7066
For Deliveries in Marin go to kine2b Marin or call 415-720-1478

Frequently asked questions.

delivering sf's finest medical marijuana for over 15 years - Party with the Mermen

Bottom line>>contact:

its very expensive everywhere...the so called "marijuana pot clubs" in this
city (San Francisco) are charging sick "working folks" way too much money...
my quality and prices are better.
(Most of these "pot clubs" have incredible overhead due to high SF rents)
and with delivery, you can remain in the safety and privacy
of your home, loft or live/workspace....

Simply page me in the a.m. delivery is in the afternoon..its that EASY!!

My background as a healthcare provider stands on its own...
its my firm belief that only a licensed nurse can administer a
controlled substance safely and effectively.
Plus, I am always available to answer your questions concerning
cannabinoids and marijuana pharmacology.

Its my job!!!

Need Medicinal Marijuana DELIVERED?

--- NO Minors - NO Mail Order ---
(In San Francisco, CA only!!!)
Mendo Mint Skunk # 1
Outdoor Marijuana:

Living in Northern California, I'm a bit of a snob preferring our states # 1 cash crop. Most of my medicine makes its it way to San Francisco from the the Humboldt, Mendocino and Trinity County growing region, commonly called the "Emerald Triangle".

Outdoor Marijuana is much fluffier ie the weight appears larger; also the odor is more floral, and sometimes reminiscent of citrus fruits. The THC/CBD/CBM. Content is usually around 20% on the high end I Usually provides this product from October to May. This product is almost allways organically grown.

Indoor Marijuana:

Is grown under high wattage artificial lighting (metal halides and high pressure sodium lights) the plants or clones (cuttings of other plants) are grown in soil or are placed in rock wool (artificial growing medium) The growth cycle is generally 3 to 4 months producing a substance with

THC/CBD/CBM. levels as high as 25%. Medical Marijuana can be grown indoors.

Pro - Is that the potency can be very high, there by requiring a smaller dose to achieve therapeutic levels.

Con - The chemicals used in the growing process can be irritating if they are not organic.'s Medicinal Marijuana Brownies
(Please call for availability)

Consuming marijuana orally is one of many ways of achieving quality therapeutic levels of medical marijuana. Let me start off by saying my marijuana brownies are incredibly strong! My goal is to make the highest concentration of cannabonoids easily palatable, hence people have told me" Hey man, I ate one of those brownies and I was off for 2 days!". Thats why I advise folks ...even the most tolerant marijuana smokers to just EAT ONE HALF of one brownie and monitor your effects, You probably wont need the other half.
The overall psychoactive effects of oral marijuana ingestion are different than smoking it. Number one the effects last much longer. Patients also often report more of a physical (body) "buzz" than the cerebral high associated with smoking. Also much more euphoria and later sedation. Myself, and others have also experienced visual and audible hallucinations, later appetite is also greatly enhanced. (Thats what prescription Marinol® is about). I also advise my patients not to eat my brownies at night, Due to the "drag-over" effect. It seems that if you take them late at night you wake up the next morning still very much "mentally clouded". I prefer to consume half a brownie with a cup of coffee in the afternoon. Sometime's I plan brownie consumption around a day at the beach, or mountains, with a group of friends. It's also a great way to use your medication in a stealth manner, no smoke no smell... when privacy is an issue.

In closing let me list my ingredients, due to the strength of my brownies many people have accused me of "putting something" in them. IT'S JUST MARIJUANA BUTTER! Brownie mix, eggs and lecithin as an emulsifier. weight 40 grams = 1 adult doses...

Enjoy... Tom

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This site is not a place for people to "cop-weed".

I take my job seriously.

To all my current patients. Many thanks for your continued support..

We're in this together...

To the people who still find it necessary to patronize the "pot-clubs" you may find my service useful.


My History:

On Aug. 4th 1996 on a quiet Saturday morning agents of the state of California and Drug Enforcement Agency raided the official Cannabis Buyers Club on Market Street in San Francisco.

I had been a member/provider at the club for over a year. The shutdown of the main club was a blow to many people. Anyone who was ever in it will tell you that nothing like it existed anywhere in the United States. It was the prototype of the future "medicinal marijuana dispensary" Several different clubs quickly tried to fill the void...........

Thats when my service was born...

Partially out of the anger that some of the "new clubs" seemed to charge more money than the Original Buyers Club had... Dennis & John tried their best to keep prices low... I cant remember how many times I walked out of there with a free sack.

That was 1996...
Its now and I am out there everyday delivering to you folks not just because "its my job" but because its something I truly believe in




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